NCat's Bridget with a group of sanctuary cats
NCat's Bridget with a group of sanctuary cats

How can you become a NCat Feline Friend?

All you need to do, is to complete the Feline Friends application form!

You will be asked to answer a number of questions regarding how you would like to help cats and their care-givers, and your name will be added to a precious and growing list of NCat Feline Friends across the country. As soon as you've registered with us as a NCat Feline Friend, you will receive a Feline Friends Certificate electronically, which you will be able to keep and/or print out and frame.


Banking details

Name of account: NCat
Bank: First National Bank
Branch code: 250655
Current account no: 62362218440
Reference: Your name and the project you wish to support

You can also donate money to NCat via Payfast by going to our donation page and clicking on the button of your choice.

What are our objectives?

We have two main objectives:

Primary objective: To help existing cat-care organisations and individuals countrywide do more of what they are already doing.

In other words, we do not care for cats directly ourselves, but aim rather to help those organisations already doing the work to rescue more cats, feed more cats, sterilise more cats, and home more cats.

We do this by providing them not only with funds - which are distributed carefully and systematically - but also by helping them gain access to resources such as information, veterinary services, traps, and catfood.

Secondary objective: To train and employ - and therefore empower - previously disadvantaged individuals, e.g. as feral trappers.

NPO number: 81546

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