Anneke Malan, NCat chairperson, is passionate about all animals, from mice to elephants – although cats are her special passion. She helped found NCat, as she realised there was a need for an organisation that would support individuals and organistions caring for cats in need countrywide.

An editor, translator and writer by profession, she also describes herself as vegan ('Because that is the only truly kind lifestyle – a lifestyle that benefits people, other animals and the environment'). In addition to the management and liaison duties she performs on behalf of NCat, she cares for a number of feral (street) cat colonies. She is also the convener for Speak (the Society for People, Environment and Animal Kindness).

Anneke and her husband Daniel live in Johannesburg with one canine and four feline "kids".


Bridget Kelly is the vice chairperson of NCat. She also cares for two feral cat colonies in Johannesburg – at Northgate Shopping centre and at the old Putco Bus headquarters in Gallo Manor.

Bridget is an Economist at Santam Structured Insurance but her true passion is animals and animal welfare. She is the mother to two dogs and six cats (all rescues).


Kobus Myburgh believes firmly in helping those that can't help themselves. That is why Kobus proudly supports animal welfare and childrens' charities.

Kobus has been a member of the NCat committee since 2011, and although not operating with day-to-do sterilisation and trapping activities, handles the fundraising and electronic side of things for NCat.

Kobus is married, has two beautiful human children, and two adorable feline children, called Boetie and Sussie. Their names have quite a story to them. Ask him about it, if you wish.


Joanne Kontaxopoulos-Rabe, who joined the NCat executive committee in 2016, lives with her husband, 8 cats (all rescues), 1 dog and 1 African Grey parrot in Hartbeespoort. An avid animal lover, she is is particularly passionate about cats – especially feral cats. She feeds approximately 500 cats in the Harties area, and has had close to 500 ferals sterilised there since 2016. She is also the founder of Harties Feral & Stray Cat Rescue, a group striving to improve the lives of feral and stray cats in the area.

She works full-time as a Logistics Manager for an exports company, and lowers her stress levels by means of long-distance running – thus far, she has completed 16 Comrades Marathons and numerous ultra marathons. She has already ticked off a few of the items on her bucket list, one of which was to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, which she achieved in 2014.


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Banking details

Name of account: NCat
Bank: First National Bank
Branch code: 250655
Current account no: 62362218440
Reference: Your name and the project you wish to support

You can also donate money to NCat via Payfast by going to our donation page and clicking on the button of your choice.

What are our objectives?

We have two main objectives:

Primary objective: To help existing cat-care organisations and individuals countrywide do more of what they are already doing.

In other words, we do not care for cats directly ourselves, but aim rather to help those organisations already doing the work to rescue more cats, feed more cats, sterilise more cats, and home more cats.

We do this by providing them not only with funds - which are distributed carefully and systematically - but also by helping them gain access to resources such as information, veterinary services, traps, and catfood.

Secondary objective: To train and employ - and therefore empower - previously disadvantaged individuals, e.g. as feral trappers.

NPO number: 81546

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